Review this mix I made?

Just a little something I threw together in a couple of hours in audiotool to see if I liked it.

SteelGraph- Little Brother

Soooo … why didn’t you bother actually using this title?

Anyway, regarding the music: these aren’t your productions, I assume - so what I’m guessing you did is you literally threw together a few 30s snippets of tunes you liked and now you want us to reflect and comment on the product. Am I on the right track here? In order for me to criticise this somewhat fairly, I’d need to know what exactly you wanted this to be (sorry, this sounds a bit derogatory).

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Basically, yeah. I took some samples, put them together in an order that isn’t to bad, and added some of my own stuff in too.


And what was the purpose behind this? You wouldn’t be posting this and asking for feedback if you weren’t somehow anticipating (or at least hoping for) some sort of critique that could improve your work. As I see it now, the artistic merit of piecing together a few sections of tunes seemingly without any thought given to sequencing is close to zero (excluding any thoughts about your own productions here, but I suspect they aren’t at the centre of this discussion, nor should they be, even if solely for the method you chose to present them).
Don’t get me wrong: presenting your own productions in the form of a collage can be enticing to listeners and yield rewarding results. Take, for example, Amnesia Scanner’s “AS Angels Rig Hook”, which is a 15-minute epos consisting solely of their own productions, stringed together in a way that enhances the dramaturgy of each individual element. By no means do I want to forcefully pull you from this patchwork approach, but presenting 2:26 of material sourced mainly from other producers in a (let’s be real here) unstructured and chaotic way is in my opinion pointless.

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☐ not rekt
:ballot_box_with_check: rekt

but go easy on him. better this than an hour long mix of clangy noob blends.
op, look in to beatmatching. that is the only path to ascension.

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As opposed to dramaturdy. :poop:

It’s all mad

Okay well as to the chaotic and rapidly changing nature, I made that project based on a book called little brother, for school, and it required little effort, but each part of the song represents a different part of the book. But I will also take all of this advice to learn from it. I’m a 14 y/o without much money to put into my rig. I made that in Audiotool because I can’t afford any real stuff so far, but again I’ll learn from thsi. Thanks everyone!