Riddim (A type of Dubstep) Production Techniques Help Thread


Messing around with Glitchmachine’s Fracture: http://www.filedropper.com/riddimlinewithfracturef-140bpm

Any Thoughts?

EDIT: Another interesting one: http://www.filedropper.com/oddbutinterestingf140bpm


Putting together a light Riddim sample pack called, you guessed it, JiveNation’s Riddim Vol1. 100% made by myself and me Riddim lines, drum loops and Vocal chant loops. I suspect it will be done in a few days, downloadable free of charge. (like I already make money off of this XD)

(ill post the link at the top of the thread when its finished)

EDIT: Is there any standalone flange, comb, reverb filters as a vst?





reverb filter

And @mks, ???


Sorry didn’t see filter.




About 2 more days until sample pack is released if everything goes according to plan. :corndance:

Making sample pack is actually very beneficial to the one who makes it, because at the you end up with over 20+ presets that actually sound good. XD


Its officially out! JiveNation’s Riddim Vol1 is available for download! (link at the top of the thread)

EDIT: Also please give feedback…


Going to release a second pack containing dark Riddim, then from then I will only be releasing Serum patches. (unless someone testifies)


JiveNation’s Dark Riddim released!


“The structure of the archive file is damaged”
I get that on both .rar files when trying to expand them with Stuffit Expander…


StuffIt Expander?? Just unzip it with winrar


Check out 7zip.


Anybody have problems unzipping it?

Help section is going to be added, not exactly sure on the eta but already writing it up and taking pics.

Ask any questions, and I’ll put them up in the help section with an answer if they are legitimate.


I’m on mac so no winrar

Edit. Ill give 7zip a whirl


That sad bro


Didn’t realize it would be done in 2 hours…

First time someone quoted themselves?




I helped invent that.

Also, 7zip rules.