Riddim in the works

So I am commiting more time into releasing more tracks and promoting myself and my music more. I produce a lot of riddim style dubstep with some extra complexities to make it more interesting. I follow everyone who follows me and show the same support I am shown. I am also down for collabs and feedback on my tracks.

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Hell yeah man, followed already - follow me back!
So first of all, i dig your sound - lots of layered synths, stabs, and scrapes. But to be honest i don’t really get a riddim feel. To me, riddim is a lot more of an old school dubstep feel, with a basic but well processed kick and snare, and with big chorus-laden synths that kinda have off tempo stab feels. Ill link a couple examples.
BUT i still like this, and a lot of these synths your using have potential to really carry a track. I think you need to work a bit on the mixing though, as i felt some of them overpowered the kick and snare. I work in logic, but i can try and help you with any questions you have. Im gonna go check out your soundcloud and listen to some of your other tunes to get a feel for what kind of stuff you make. Also, id love your opinion on my latest dubstep track i released
Riddim examples:

Update: Okay i just saw your soundcloud you have hella riddim shit you def. know what I’m talking about lol my b bruh

My latest track

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It’s not riddim, it’s tearout

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Kick could use more punch and bass more depth. Sound design is kind of an issue. Overall arrangement is ok,

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Thanks for the feedback. Can I ask what the issue is with the sound design?

Clarity. A lil too much reverb.

Hey man. Thanks for that feedback. I feel my mixing and mastering definitely needs some work. But that all comes with experience.

Your lastest track is sick man. Never heard a sound like that. Maybe the drums need a bit more punch. Maybe increase the sidechain threshold for the drops. Other than than man, its sick. Something different and original. I followed you back man. Having a bit of a peruse of your page now.


@Jake_Marquez @Soul_Of_Seun

Thanks for the feedback. I only put up a clip of this track, so I will be able to add some small changes to try and improve it before full track goes up. Cheers

satsuma’s are better tho