Riz La Teef - Radar Radio -Mixes and all around badman DJ

Who knows about this kid then

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innit, my first stop for good old funky, new grime and classic 140 bits for a while now

i’d say the radio show i was doing was at least 20% tunes i’d found in his mixes

Tru hedz know Irie. His set at converge was sick… the mix for it was great as well, still on my phone getting regular listens.

He did a wicked dubstep mix ages ago called ‘sub workout’ or something like that, such a solid mix that one.

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yeah that one + wifey riddims are probably my two most listened two mixes of the last year or so

Awful, would not book also taste in shirts questionable. :ok_hand:


Also this mix is pretty good eh :cornlol:

Uk funky etc mix

are you me?

Are you mad? Such a sick DJ

Absolute badman.

His Riz You Trippin mix (the RnB one) still gets battered by me on the regs.

His sub workouts are fire too!


Moved it to general as putting him in 130 is abit of crime considering the amount of sets he can do.

new 1 big tracklist


Yeah big mix. The Apple/Riko tune is mad, get fully hyped when it comes in on all the mixes.

what’s a ‘Tastemaker cum historian’?


Not what you think.

“Cum” in this context means “used as.”



Yo can anyone ID the second tune from the GD set? Cheers

not sure, but i’d probably bet some p it was silk road assassins, or one of em ie tom e vercettie, chemist, love droid