Rokits RP5 G3

Honestly, I hated them since the day I got them. They sound so bad, that I really prefer a pair of cheap earbuds. They have absolutely no texture and detail in mid and upper frequency range, and lower range is bassboosted to the point that I’m feeling that I might get some serious brain damage from experiencing it. The only thing which makes them tolerable for me is heavy equalization. The volumes are so extremely uneven in sub bass range that I had to calibrate em by having lower frequency part of on repeat for dozens of times. And this is what I got to make them listenable.

Any thoughts on this? Is this all about no room treatment? I have no idea wtf is this. Could it be true that such popular monitors are really that boomy and uneven and texture-absent? Maybe I just got a fake pair, but this seems even less probable.

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Guess you are trusting your ears, not the hype hehehehe
Never owned rokits, but everything i’v listened to on them sounds weird and boomy with too much mid and a bass that sounds like a “corner standing-wave” . . .