Sample Organizer / Library

Guys what I’m looking for is something where I can organize all my samples, tag them and maybe color coding and stuff.

My current organization is have everything separated into main categories for instrument (Kick, Snare, Bass etc) and then in there a subfolder with the name of where it came from (name of sample pack, library or my own if I made it)

But… this falls short when I want to specifically look for say “soft kick” or “hard kick” or “distorted kick” atm it’s basically a case of me knowing my library and going well I want a hard kick so let’s go toward the vengeance packs but what I want is tagging so that I could hit my “Hard kick” tab and then it would show all the hard kicks thatI’ve tagged. Or maybe a “favorites”

Does anyone know any software or method to do this? I’m on OSX

Never-mind, I’ve completely just ignored the tagging feature inside AudioFinder for like the last 5 years. I’m sorted now :slight_smile:

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Was gonna mention audiofinder, glad you got it