Sample Pack Contests Are Good For You.

One sample

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Yeah the more limited the more fun imo

one sample would be fun… can we make sure the initial sample is HQ though ? using that ice-skating sound is alright but does it mean we’ll be using a youtube rip ?

Yeah, it’ll be a YT rip unless someone finds a better version.

idk it’s just gonna be a bit of fun so there’s not really a need to be too cereal would just be nice to have something HQ to start with, esp seeing as it’s gonna get cut n cut to pieces to try make a track only using that sound

Man I haven’t made a tune in forever. I’m down

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Esp when a lot of us will be microsnipping single wave cycles and building from there.

2 hours.

The sonic monogamists are ahead by a lot.

Now if as many people as voted also participated = :fire:

PS: Can’t tell if the version hosted on the Nat Geo site is higher quality audio (at work, can’t be doing audio ting visibly). Can one of you tell if it is and if so rip it from here?


Alright, votes in.

Gonna wait a short while to see if anyone can answer the audio quality question above. I found the sourcefile for the video and ripped it to wav, file size was smaller so thinking not likely.

the video mp4 is 34 mb when downloaded from natgeo so i dont think its HD but whatever, get the ball rolling m8

yeah cmon ronzlo



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putting this out there as possible source for a future sample pack contest

or just as a source of a bunch of samples, its all downloadable (only as mp3 tho i think)

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That is a goldmine!!!

DSF49 should be…

  • one-sample challenge
  • small multi pack

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Dunno if this is doable but, just a thought, what if we uploaded the entries onto some streaming platform, maybe after the contest or something. Whatever profits it gets could go to the Andy/forum/mods whatever. Could have them as like an album or something. Would be a cool way to go through past competitions and also potentially generate a small bit of money to support the forum


Cool idea but would probably have to make sure the sounds aren’t copyrighted for liability purposes.

We could each have a go at doing a pack of our favourite samples from our own collection.
Say 10 samples per pack…?

i like the “each contribute one sample to the pack” idea better

if everyone contributes 10 we’d end up with like a 100, kinda defeats the purpose of having a limited set of sounds to work with imo


No I mean we each come up with our own pack.
So first competition I create a 10 sample pack from my own collection & everyone uses that.
Next one, you do a 10 sample pack. etc etc