SELLING - 4x 1960s 7" singles - men's watch - vintage Shakespeare


I’m going to be selling off some records over time.

The first is an Australian garage rock single called
The Id - You Got Me Hummin’ / Watch Out (1966)

I’ve opened an auction on eBay.

More information at discogs

Here’s an audio sample of the rather clean sounding record (for its age).

I’ve opened an auction on eBay.

On a side note, I’m considering selling my copy of [BH0.5] Loefah - Woman / Midnight.
The problem is that it skips near the end of the B-side (Midnight) due to warping. I may try to fix it, otherwise I would sell it as-is. Either way, keep a heads up for that.


The Id record went for A$45.

I’m going to be selling off a bunch of stuff and seeing what I can flip from thrift prices.

Some auctions I have up at the moment:

4x 1960s 7" singles

Stainless steel men’s watch

Some other things I am selling include vintage Shakespeare.

Also, my copy of Loefah’s BH0.5 record played fine (no skipping at the end I as had previously experienced). I think filing it vertically with other records and cleaning it helped, so I’m going to list that one today probably.