[Selling] Bunch of records from the WAR series


since unofficial release are removed from being sold at discogs, I will try my luck here. I’m selling the following records from the WAR series (https://www.discogs.com/label/133223-Not-On-Label-War-Series):

WAR004 Matty G / Matty G & Konfusion ‎– Rockers Rmx / Linval Dub ; Condition VG+ 13€
WAR005 Marlon Asher / Althea & Donna ‎– Ganja Farmer / Uptown Top Rankin’ ; Condition VG+ 8€
WAR012 DJ Madd ‎– Different Tingz / In Your Eyes; Condition VG+ 20€
WAR013 OSC ‎– Zions Gate / Fallen Angel; Condition: VG+ 35€
WAR015 DJ Madd - Raggae Ambassador; Condition: NM- 30€
WAR016 DJ Madd - Move Your Body; Condition NM- 20€
WAR017 OSC & Oogun ‎– Fuss & Fight Condition NM- 30€
WAR018 Jing Bong Ting ‎– Dennis Brown Tribute E.P. Condition NM- 30€

Or the whole lot for 170€.

For loads of more Dubstep records for sale you can visit my discogs page: https://www.discogs.com/seller/Tribaltek/profile . I am located in Germany and my shipping rates are:


Transport by Hermes

Bis zu 10 Platten: 5€
10+ Platten: 6.50


Transport by DHL

1 x 12": 5 € unregistered, 7.50 € registered
Up to 2 kg: 13€
Up to 5 kg: 18€
Up to 10 kg: 23€
Up to 20 kg: 34€
Up to 31.5 kg: 47€

So what’s the storey with this?
I got an email saying 3 records from my market place are removed from selling.
Has Discogs done this all in one go?
Or are there snitches out there reporting one by one?

They go systematically through the whole database and block all inofficial releases and bootlegs from being sold through marketplace. I think they received some pressure from record industry.