Selling very rare collection

To simply put it my records are just sitting in my room doing nothing and can barely mix anyway ahah, willing to part with it all for £2000 but im open to offers, would prefer a uk buyer around west midlands as id rather not post it all at once (trying if possible to sell it all together) there is also a fair amount of rare grime in there as well and im sure even if grime isnt your thing you could sell it on for more than what im asking, willing to throw in a record box and 2 system (blue) slipmats :blush: (anti war dub is NOT for sale sorry for any infonvenience)

Theres the link to the collection, if you cant veiw it let me know and ill make a list of everything when im back from work

are you sure about this? you can’t un-sell those kinda records easily.

chances of you finding someone willing/able to bulk buy the whole lot are pretty slim probably. i would split and sell in batches or individually, you’ll make more money and make more people happy i think.

nice collecky.

Ive thought about it time and time again, they just sit in my room, i had the intention of learning how to mix but the motivation is gone, i definitly hear what you’re saying a couple of them in the collection are very hard to come by, i may miss them but youtube is always there ahaha and its cheaper :slight_smile:

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And im going to put them on my mates discogs eventually as he has a record shop its definitly better than trying to sell the lot :blush:

aren’t you the guy who splurged tons of discogsmoney on old classics a few years ago? :badteeth:

Thats me :joy: