Serum Thread

just copped this guy. really liking it, it’s like squeaky clean. plus its really new so i feel like there are a bunch of sounds to be discovered.

was thinkin we could post stuff we’ve made with serum here, I’m put some stuff up in a bit.

So far just been having fun with the FM from B thing but I’m sure it can do much more :sweat_smile:

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For sure dude, almost all of my basses are coming out of Serum. It’s such a great software, I used Massive for a long time and could barely extract anything from there, butI feel like I’m actually moving along with my sound design skills thanks to Serum. Serum’s interface is just really friendly and it shows you what is being done to your sound, it is much less intimidating than Massive and some of the other stuff out there. It’s also really sleek and powerful. A great tool to learn how to make cool noises with. :smile_cat:

Main thing I’m noticing for plucky sounds, the pluck sounds nice n rubbery n thick, rather than in massive if you have a sound with a really fast attack and decay it sounds kinda harsh n metallic. idk why that would be though

Hey man that’s a good idea, I will get working on some serum stuff and share it in the thread :smiley: Someone said that massive is like an oasis in the desert of sound design, and serum is like a rain forest of sound design and I think that is spot on haha

Reverb filter!

wavetable morphing is still more complex and varied in absynth 5 imo. more possibilities for modulation, and i’m not much of a fan of included effects in software synths. got my go-to plugs for that :smile:

regardless, i found a ‘broken’ copy on innernetz and fucked about for a hot minute. synth sounds good for sure.

give me FM8 any day. I’m still finding new ways to use massive tbh too.

absynth is a true beast tho.

Yeah Serum is amazing. My favourite feature is the Remap mode :full_moon_with_face:

yeah man it helps out so much :smiley:

Damn, I’m nearly spot on to the ridiculous sound in this video at 0:26, I remember being up front at this like wtfffffff is this shiny rainbow ass wobble

Just need to get the vowel right, i swear massive’s filters are way better, I feel serum’s don’t really, “grab hold” of the sound in the same way. Closest I can get is using one of serums formant filters which IMO sound shit and kill my high end lol.

dude that sounds soo good I remember seeing that but I could never figure that bass out :frowning:

Fuck I love whatever that unreleased song is. I think there was a rumour saying that it was a Zomboy remix of Mega Gun by MUST DIE! and Getter. However I’ve never played with the formant filters so I don’t know what they sound like. I usually just use HP 12 and turn the resonance up, along with automating the cutoff. For any other vocal stuff I just use the EQ presets built into Ableton and they’re pretty great.

The other day I accidentally remade the lead from Barely Alive - Zombie Hunter, I know there’s a tutorial video but this was created in a completely different way, and unintentionally. Still needs a bit of work if it’s to be accurate, but it’s made from a sine, and the default serum wavetable.

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nice man :smiley:

ahahaha its like the synth is trying soooooooo hard EEEEEEGHEEEEEEEEEEE cough-cough EEEEEEEEEEEEGH

Hey here’s that zomboy ID bass. Kinda changed it a bit.

sick man, any tips on how you made it?

a good tip with vowels, if you have izotope trash (which if you don’t, definitely look into it. It’s amazing), there is a convolve option in which you can basically formulate a vowelly sound and process it basically however you want

Man…maybe I am hearing it wrong but it seems like Zomboy is picking up some Soltan vibes…?

Hahha I hear it aswell!

Here is a serum bass I made using a Square-Saw wave table and modulating the wt, level, sub level, cutoff, and distortion with one LFO, and then modulating another filter in the FX section and an EQ with a second LFO at half speed. My effects are Hyper dimension mix at 15% and dimension at 0%. Then Distortion with a bandpass filter being modulated by the second LFO and the mix at 80%. An EQ, and High 12 filter with the cutoff being modulated at res up to 32%. Then compression.

After that I have a normal FX chain with a phaser, Resonators, Multiband Compression, more compression and distortion, erosion, another phaser, and EQ. Then I export that and shift it down a semitone. After that I add more compression and Melodyne. With melodyne I bring the formants down 2 semitones and at the end of the loop around 5 seconds there is a part of the bass that sounds like there is different EQing or something but I just added a HP filter on it and quickly modulated the cutoff and lowered the formants in melodyne down an octave and it gave it that weird effect.