ShadowRaz - Night part.2 [Orchestral Dubstep]

Hey again. I would appreciate some feedback on this:

A track i just started and just finished today (along with the first part which was shittier in my opinion). What do you think of the sound designs? mixing and mastering? structure?
As in, have i designed too many sounds once more (to the drop) as it does sound kind of, well there is just a lot of stuff going on? Too much? What about the sound designs themselves? They good? Frequency levels and balance of the track?

Ok, so, as i was starting part.3 in the part.2 project, wanted to fix couple of minor things. Also it does seem like the track sounds different (better i would say, more or less) within the project, compared to the final render, and that difference truly baffles me.

Just took a screen capture of it, so this is what night part.2 drop looks like and sounds like really when in the making (apart from the use of ASIO4ALL compared to FL Studio ASIO which is on this video and the loudness of one particular growl, fun game: can you spot the growl i mean? made it hella louder and took off sidechain so that the kick would not cover it?):

I would seriously appreciate feedback on my dubstep, you crazy dub lovers <3