Sir spyro-side by side

i am feelin

like the beat, chorus is hype (tho if u told me he was just saying sidebysidebyside for the whole tune i’d believe it)

Yeah big tune, instrumental version doesn’t sound as good without H’s vocal on it.

Yeah this is a big tune. Prez T kills it, hes always been way ahead of any of the other bloodline gang… H is a pretty good hype MC. Lyrical content is pretty shit and hes not as much of a badman as he makes out… but theres just something about it that makes it an insta wheel and it has to do with H.

Bit like Jammer tbh lol, although H has more than one 16.

Heard the Kahn & Neek special first on that Japanese YT stream, was too gassed.

Tap a tap needs a release