Slowed Down D'N'B

Slimzee did it back in the day, so i thought i should give it a try…not really satisfied with the result but oh well…

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so breaks

why post something you’re not happy with?

I’ve been dabbling with this idea in production lately. Sometimes, I know that something I’ve done isn’t exactly to my tastes, that I even find it annoying, but I still leave it in the tune and send that tune out. I’m not totally sure why I do it, but it doesn’t make it any less of my own and it certainly doesn’t mean that nobody else could like it (if it followed me being happy with my stuff meant that other people would be happy with my stuff, then I’d have become rich and famous almost a decade ago).
As well as this, think about live shows where the performer makes a slight mistake in timing or pitch/tone that you really like, isn’t that the same? In fact, it’s basically the same as a happy accident, though perhaps the technical term could be miserable intention.
I think I wanna name an EP “miserable intentions”. Happiness is overrated.

it’s cool man. sometimes you want to try things out and they may not be perfect just yet, but it’s still something worth doing and putting out there to get feedback on.

keep it up. i think it’s a great idea playing with bpms. if you think about it, jungle was old soul breaks sped up, so playing with bpm is part of the musical blueprint.

i used to do that too back in the day. before dubstep, i really liked playing some dnb tracks with the slower rpm setting, perhaps because i was getting tired of the fast bpms.

i like it. :airplane: