Snare Layering

no offence to other dude but im not trying to get that zomboy sound so making another thread

can anyone recommend a technique/tutorial on this, want dynamic natural sounding snares with punch and nice tails, my current technique always sounds weird and only gives short snappy clap type snares (spend a long time trying to get rid of one little bit thats dragging in the layers…)

looking to make shit like this (i know its grime and he probably took it from a sample pack but its got plenty of dynamic and interest to my ears)

using ableton 9

this is current technique, works better if layering 1 snare on itself but looking to get something more interesting

bonus tip, using overdrive instead of like glue compressor, the overdrive u can play with the dynamic range and squash it together a bit or not as u please and gives it more bite

Use samples, acoustic sounding snare samples, also garage samples of snares and layer them up…turn the levels down on some. Sometimes I can use up to 10 different snares to make up a body of 1 snare and just compress them and parametric eq them. Samples are always the best way for making snares…never ever use vengeance packs for snares…ever. I have packs which have garage snares, snappy snares, acoustic snares, military snares etc. That’s about all I can say about snares, they are the most annoying sound to make in a tune.

Whenever I make a tune for my own personal use etc. If I can’t find the snare sound I want, I will be done making the tune.

2 b reel pro booste arownd 200 hz then ur done m9

But foreal

I like to kind of look at the spectrum and use other sales to fill out the frequencies that my snare is missing. If it’s a little weak near the top, ill get a top heavy snare to layer it with.