Some records that could be of interest to you Sinners

Hello Ninjas,

Here is a link to my discogs,

have only got 1 or two dubstep bits on atm but more will be going up over the next few days, a couple good’uns to go up i suppose…

have tried not to be too ridiculous on prices but still when i bought most these records, the idea of them being a commodity was very much at the back of my mind…so i dont have too much of a heavy heart selling a record that goes** for 85 quid for 30


*just saw that is just the price it is listed at not the going rate :wink: apologies

more added this morning,

please do say if you think any prices are unreasonable

besides the fact it’s unreasonable that anyone should be paying +£20 for a12 inch that metalwork/plates still exist for…i dont make the rules !!

Added a few more today and yesterday,

here are a couple highlights for you ninjas///

Cyrus - Space Cadet / Junk Yard

Cooly G - Hold Me

Pev* & Kowton - End Point / Vapours

Pangaea - Bear Witness

Pinch - Croydon House

Appleblim / Shackleton - Soundboy’s Ashes Get Chopped Out And Snorted

Peverelist - Dance Til The Police Come

Strago & Snooks - Kuru / Infect

Johnny Clark* vs Mala (4) / Coki - Sinners / Goblin

i’m about to reduce one dubstep record to a nice price as a bit of a DSF discount, you lot get the heads up i suppose, go and have a peek at 6pm :slight_smile:

pleanty of other bits in there too, highlights include;

Hate - Pretty Boys Don’t Survive Up North / Pretty Boy (GFTUA Mix)

Chuck Cirino - Chopping Mall - Music From The Motion Picture

Hypno - Over The Top

Cliff Richard And The Shadows* And Norrie Paramor And His Orchestra - 32 Minutes And 17 Seconds With Cliff Richard

Powell - Body Music EP

Felix K - Recognition / Ice

Various - Phuture (2x12", Comp)

Very underrated tune imo

dont know it tbh, come with a few other records i bought from a friend for a good price !

cyrus is a good ‘producer’ tho, can’t imagine it’s anything other than a weapon…

Sales up ! wont take too much scouting to spot it…

Super stripped back roller, very weighty


Mornin All,

Had a bit of an overhaul on prices this morning

will be adding some some vinyl ‘dubs’ up for sale over the coming days so have a look here if you want to keep tabs…

Have a good weekend :slight_smile:

Couple highlights, a bit of ‘dub/reggae’ today…

Scientist - In The Kingdom of Dub
Jah Shaka & The Disciples - Commandments of Dub Chapter 6
Augustus Pablo - Dubbing With The Don

been trying to offer a few good little bargains offset against the fact i picked up some other records for good prices…

best offer today is

Bunny Lee - King of Dub

Easy guys,

Heres some service/product i am offering to co-ordinate


Discogs orientated…

Sound :slight_smile: