Sometimes I dabble in noise

Feedback appreciated I guess. Hard to critique something if you’re not familiar with the genre though. Weren’t there any noise threads here somewhere?

I like noise music when it’s more dynamic. Got anymore dynamic tracks?

I’m more into harsh stuff tbh. Being able to sit through and pick out nuances from a piece that’s seemingly just a wall of white noise is… I don’t know. I just like it. But I do have some stuff that’s not just 100% sonic attack.

Dynamic as in dynamic range, or dynamic as in "more going on?"

Both kinda. Like this is dynamic there’re different movements and stuff, and there’s a lot of play going on with the noise and other samples. Perhaps I’m into bro-noise.

Do you have any examples?
I think the most accessible noise I’m into is stuff like Prurient.

Here’s one

actually forgot to link that in my first post.

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While I have listened a bit to Merzbow, I’m not as versed in his stuff as I am in Prurient.
I’ll have to take some time and go through some essential listening first I guess.
I think the more textural stuff I’ve made is a couple of pieces that was made 100% with an MS20 mini and some distortion-plugin. Really miss that thing.

Yeah, feeling this one more.