Soundcloud account creation

Easy hope your all well.

Ive been trying to make a new Soundcloud for a few days now, every time I try to make an account a message appears saying that they are unable to make an account at the moment and to try again later, however when I do try again, another message appears saying that there is an active account with the same details. So I sign into said account only to have my username be user3452538363 etc as well as the Url, which obviously I do not want. Ive tried on two different computers and I’m just not getting anywhere with it.

Has anyone experienced this or know of a way around it?

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start performing under the name user3452538363

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Don’t know if it’s got a ring to it :confused:

you can change your name and URL on soundcloud.

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Can you change the URL? That I didn’t know, cheers!

yeah go to and you can change it there, right under the display name

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you could be the next 2562 with more numbers

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“What tune is that?”

“It’s from some guy named user3452538363.”

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remember that experimental techno artist SHCXCHCGSCCHJFCVHHGXCfhnfssfg

I think everyone remembers him

anyone got his discogs link? tried to find that guy’s discography but couldn’t and I don’t remember what labels he’s released on.

I’ll take this all into consideration guys, think I might change the last 6 to a 4, but still, cheers!