Soundsystem enthusiasts


Ahh fuck all this talk of systems reminds me of how long it’s been since I’ve gone to a night where I’ve genuinely been abused by a sound system


Has anybody heard the Tsunami Bass in Brooklyn? My sister lives in Boston and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to plan a trip to visit her and Tsunami


It’s probably worth it if it’s a big stack of subs


Think they’ve been used at dubwar & reconstrvct, so probably quite a decent system


Seriously do it - that thing is a beast. I’ve seen LAS, Quest, and N-Type play and the system has always been really on point.



definitely looks like it’s worth it


Somehow makes me think of Area 51 and alien abductions… like ‘this a photo from the scene’ kind of thing


That’s less than ½ of the current system, which now includes a 24’x32’ vibrating dance floor capable of generating frequencies as low as 5 Hz



anyone go to that rc1 VS void night in bristol a few weeks back? looked hench af


Images from the Brown Note in Brooklyn, NY. Home to the Tsunami Bass Sound System. Four point setup with a 24’x32’ vibrating dance floor capable of generating frequencies as low as 5 Hz.


for the dubtopia in the small room we work together with justice rivah soundsystem. (soon also a record label):

and for the bigger dubtopia sessions we work with collynization soundsystem. (we split up the whole system into 3 stacks and place them basically around the booth & crowd)


jesus christ. :surprised:

need to visit NYC sometime


Sinai Sound
Irration Steppas
Aba Shanti - I
Lion Pulse

Some of the best in the game IMO


What does it actually sound like? Seems to be a slight imbalance between bass and… everything else lol


For my consumer packaging class this semester one of our projects is going to be designing and building a POP (Point of Purchase) display out of corrugated cardboard. I’m trying to think of a way to make one that is some hog scoop bass bins. Any ideas for what kind of product those would advertise best?


I’d say tunes. Makes sense considering that’s what is coming out of the display at the same time, init?