SP:MC - Oh My Gosh

Hello again everyone, hope your all well! :slight_smile:

This one seems like a rather simple patch, but I can’t for the live of me seem to get anywhere near it…

I’m running Logic without massive, the closest I’ve got is just using a single sine wave with a bit of overdrive, obviously with an LFO, but still this sounds nowhere near what I’m after.

Sound starts at 0:27

Any help will be gladly appreciated :slight_smile:


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sine wave -> LFOing lp filter -> saturater

It’s more to do with the shape that the volume changes.

Peace out.

For a sound like this I wouldn’t worry about trying to get the EXACT sound. Could be any number of synths used, with any number of specific waveshapes, or particular saturators/distortion/compression.

Best to just try to make a sound that gives you the right feel. Pursue that just like you were pursuing this sound. Experiment with the ordering of things, like various waveshapes into saturators, into various types of filters maybe followed up with various types of compression.

try a resonant filter maybe?

Large up for the response guys!