Staying on key

Im working on a song and i have this really heavy bass patch im screwing with. How do i tell what key it is in using the spectrogram on ableton.

1st of all some things simply have no key, it might be the case with your thing. otherwise its the lowest/loudest(most present) note

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First of all everything has a key. Even something like a kick drum or a snare does have a tonic note. It’s just less noticeable as it lacks partials or harmonics. It’s more commonly referred to as Timbre in that case. But they do in fact have a pitch.

If you’re going to use something like a spectrograph or a parametric eq or some other visual frequency analysis you’ll need to know the base frequency for each note. You can find a list here.

Another option would be just to use a tuner. There’s a couple software ones I’m aware of. Gtune is a free plugin that works quite well. I do believe Guitar Rig and Amplitube also have one. You could also download a tuner on your phone and just play the sound through you speakers and if it’s a decent tuner it should pick it up. There’s also several hardware options.

Hope that helps a little. Also here is the link for Gtune.

can u tell me the key pls?

G# Minor.

Of course just telling you that doesn’t mean much cause you clearly can’t verify if I’m right or wrong. So believe it or not. It’s up to you.

exactly, it doesnt matter whether youre right or wrong because its just a bunch of noise without a distinct useful pitch.

It doesn’t have a key until you write the line.

key != pitch