System/ V.I.V.E.K


Is anyone going to be able to purchase this?


nah, only 5 pressed and all given to viveks fam. We’re just gonna pay for limited edition jpegs of the ep


:cornverted: sort of summed up dubstep vinyl hype in one sentence. NO RE-RGB


Yeah that’s something to think about. Not sure I’m I’m gonna cop this, not that many tunes on there I need to own.
He mentions in the interview that 010 is also going to be his release, a double pack. Maybe it’s worth waiting for that one.


If step fwd was on here. I’d buy it. But I’m a bit disappointed.
I always Insta cop system releases but for $30+ it’s not worth it.


Wot date is the new one coming out again? Did viv say the 30th?




No pre-order before release date? Don’t they usually show up on wearesystem store a little before shipping date?


Maybe lol. I just remember seeing the 30th as a release date, and that’s the only date I’m aware of


Who’s coming tonight then? Dragging @badger with me, who just loves reggae and dubstep…



Me deya








How was it?


commodo and egoless were sick (technicals aside). Versa weren’t too bad either, drew for kingfisher as well

7/10 would do again


yeah that was well good

hour long queue to get in was FUCKED


commodo bringing da goodz, couple tidy sounding new commodo bits in there i think, vivek was on point as well, best viv set i’ve seen in a while

would have like to see egoless but was tired and wanted to save energy for carnival, he was sounding heavy

was a bit worried it’d be steppahz dubz all night, was that the egoless/versa vibe

very fucking sweaty that night

  • some v booky characters in that place


I was supposed to save myself for carnival and ended up leaving at lights up ffs :lol_og:

Yeah that line is standard now for Dingwalls ones.its fuking nuts cos you cant really work out why it takes so god damn long.
The upside of last nights is they moved it off the street above, they used to militantly police the line throwing out people with cigs/beers cos it was the general ■■■■ Q for the other places in that venue where as last night we could drink the line and not get harrased by random people on the street.

Versa I thought was going to dead the room but it picked up after 15mins, should have been roots>versa> then any of the others in whatever order.


Yeah this, commodo was on a bit too early I reckon


Tho Versa did play Facta- Poliwhirl which ive not heard in an age and not ona system either. Big tune