System/ V.I.V.E.K


Big up @CreamLord for some mean bass face, haha.

Yeah, Egoless played steppers set at Peng last week and already then said that system one will be more dubstep. It was nice to get two different takes within a week :slight_smile:

Completely smashed now, got to finish some work and then flying to Poland tomorrow morning so no carnival this year…


Not heard that one before, weighty though

@ch3 haha bass got so heavy at times


Glad you guys had a good time, did he mention anything about the next one or when the SYSTM005 release is dropping?


Missed you there!

He said that replacement ones are being sent for the warped copies and that the new one is slightly delayed due to some pressing issues or smth, not sure if I heard right?


didn’t someone say the monday after system? aka today

been refreshing the website, haven’t seen anything

maybe it’s 7pm uk time, that’s when he’s put them up in the past iirc


Pm me when it’s up please?


i wouldn’t count on me to see it relatively early but sure


its later cos the pressing was fucked, though I think he only said “by the end of next week”


this is actually sick lol cause now I’ll actually be able to afford it since it’s probably gonna be in september


Yea that’s sick cuz I get paid on 31st and now I don’t have to ask a grown woman who is some how my gf for money for “sick dubstep records” …


If anyone can @ me when its up I’ll be eternally grateful…being in greece with occasional mobile data when a new system income is not the one :corncry:


we’ve all been there :badteeth:


He normally says a day before or something when its coming up.


tonight 9 gmt


30 pounds… :neutral_face:

does anyone remember if we had a post that had clips of all the tunes in it?


Yeah that’s gonna be like $50 bucks with shipping. I’m not copping.


Might have to miss it as well, bit pricey


£30 aint much for 4 10"s…just hope it’s a nice thick pressing!


ffs day before payday.



Edit - usually goes up on redeye et al. After like a week or two does it not? Might just hold out for that instead