System/ V.I.V.E.K


Sure you’ve all seen this bandied around this week

But we’ve all been in here for some mid/post/pre rave sustenance


On a level though, what’s the background tune



Boxing Day at Dingwalls cancelled:

Gutted, was full on ready for this.


Yes shame, kind of want to know who was booked for it anyway. Does however solve my conundrum of going to this or Channel One :corndance:


Channel one is going to be fiiiiire!!


For those interested.


Hi All

2 things.
Sorry if no repress has caused any sad times for anyone. It wasnt to cause any crazy feels.
We have discussed maybe doing a digi pack and a best of EA Vinyl pack in future so dont rule out some of the older bits coming out that way.
It was a conscious decision to not repress.

Didnt mean to come over like ‘demigods’ or arrogant. Not at all the way it was meant, but as I am sure you’ll understand we get alot of requests around repressing.

Did lol around the Swastika rehash . . .
The logo has since changed. Hadn’t thought of it like that. We didnt change it due to the non’link it was just a growing of our branding.

Thanks anyways for your support!



Lol fair play re the demigod thing…i think i said that hehe …only jesting…the eva808 plate is sorta forgotten for me now anyway…discogs prices can do 1…but i would still buy a repress :badteeth:


Thanks Swerver.

Maybe the correct digi will come out.


Lickle warm up for Friday


Anyone know the name of the first track?


no, but it sounds a bit like radikal guru


Thats King Alpha brudren


Yeah it’s called Shiv Aradhana



#1119 :open_mouth:


Hmm like the intro don’t really like the groove

Bass sounds gd though

Anyone reach Aptitude w commodo viv skeptical bridge?

Curious to know what it was like


Yeah it was pretty heavy, really nice spot - dark, good system, crowd all there for it. Russian mob undertones.