System/ V.I.V.E.K



I wasn’t going to spend money on dubstep records this year…:worried:


This year is looking interesting already knowing kahn fierce commodo remix just came out. Surely there has to be a repress of the older system releases soon


Vivek said that they would all be repressed at some point innit?


Yeah he posted like last year saying the releases will have a repress! I really hope I don’t miss out on Versa- rainfall in dub


This Saturday lads, who’s reaching


Aye I’m there with a few peeps. Got one spare ticket as it goes since no one wants to get back to me about a refund… so if anyone’s after one give me a shout


Faze is playing

Me & @ch3 going with a fair few mateys -

Looking fwd to a decent 140 rave after a lot of cliquey bizness over the last few months.

Last one I reached was Quest Karma Foamplate Loxy - iirc - was that the last proper one?


There was the one with commodo/egoless/versa back in August


Jheez I’ve not been on here in months. On a train to London atm with a massive bag of pre-system tackle. Gonna be me first system dance


Brap see you guys there. Group of six of us going. Left stack as per usual?


Right stack innit?


Right stack por favor

And ah shit yeah that one was same time as Dimensions. Arsed off that I missed that

Kenzo & Killa P also playing tonight - should be alright, hopefully Kenzo plays Da Wrath VIP or similar.

Everyone remember the queue for Dingwalls/the complex of bars/clubs that contains Dingwalls can be an absolute mare due to loads of ppl queueing for other nights - we’re gonna get there early

Took nearly an hour to get in last time for me


Best system in a long time


Yeah fucking class night, faze was much better than I expected


I probably got there an hour before you at the last one and basically walked straight in.

So reports? Or you all hanging :joy:


It was honestly one of the best nights I’ve been to in 10+ years of raving.
The soundsystem was fucking on point and I swear it was louder than they usually have it. I think they may have added some extra stacks? It looked bigger than I remember and sounded ridiculously hench. The highs and mids were maybe a little murky, ie the snares weren’t quite as punchy as I would have liked but didn’t really bother me.
System Roots warmed the place up for the first 2 hours. I’m not usually the biggest fan of reggae / dub reggae etc but I was feeling the selection for sure.
Faze Miyake played a good set, better than I was expecting, was very hype and his usual mix of trap / grime / dubstep.
VIVEK played for an hour and a half, one of the best sets I’ve seen him play. Sometimes his sets can kind of plod I find, but last night he was in attack mode. He played Roteks VIP which I guess he got off of Kenzo and cut to dub recently, sounded deadly. Played some Viv / System classics and some (presumably newer) bits I’ve never heard.
J:Kenzo also played for an hour and a half, started with dubstep then some half-time D&B and finally some jungle. Was a blinder of a set and perfectly paced.
Everyone I met was really sound and I think Dingwalls is the perfect venue for System. Lots of space to dance even though it was sold out and I like that the bar is at the back rather than the side.
VIVEK did a little speech at the end bigging everyone up etc which sounded very heartfelt and not the usual end of night bollocks that MCs come out with. He even bigged up Mala, obviously the days of Mala and Viv working together are long gone but he said he has a lot of respect for what Mala has accomplished with DMZ and Deep Medi.
Oh yeah and some ■■■■ stole Crazy D’s jacket.


Good to hear you enjoyed it mate

Weird though as me & my mates had quite diff readings of it - thought this wasn’t the best one

Favourite set was probably System Roots tbh - shouted at Sachin a lot for the Bushman Special and he played it second to last. Chatted to him after he was like ‘rah wanted to stop playing that one play it every time’ aha - oops. Donovan Kingjay hosted really well, enjoyed the singing too

Faze didn’t do it for me at all - I felt the quality/depth/interesting parts of his productions were kind of washed over by having MCs on the whole set - they shoulda popped on for last 20 or something. Killa p getting a wheel for each diff verse of Skeng felt kind of forced too - maybe I’m just bitter.

I miss the musical space of the old ones, even pre dego ranking, (as great as all the MCs are and I rate all of Dego, SP & Crazy) when MCs/viv would just shout down the mic here and there. You could really feel & hear the room lift to certain tunes just from the oomph of the tunes & the rig - not from the forced hype of every drop/64 bar. Its weird because they’ve worked well at previous ones, not last night

Viv killed it ofc - that Lionize/Juicy Patty acapella bootleg was a lot. Dem Break sounded hench too. Did Bear Witness come out too or was I hallucinating? Few too many old viv ones for me (yes im gonna be that guy) - espesh when he can just drop the megamix (as he did)

Kenzo didn’t do it for me either, plus it coincided with my mate getting into a bunch of minor security drama for no reason. Guess I was deep in spangladesh by then so my musical & situational reasoning was prohibited

Not worth it tbh going to Tottenham IKEA today had to take 3 time outs to chunder.

Seemed kind of quiet too tickets wise? Anyone else think that - gd night regardless


Def heard Bear Witness. Roteks VIP, Big Bang, Warning Dub remix were also highlights. Monstrous sub. The mids and tops did seem a bit underpowered, weren’t punching through the bass like they normally do. Didn’t sound ‘bad’ though.
Viv and System Roots killed it as always, rest was OK. Killa does get it hype but yeah maybe not needed all over the set.
Def seemed less packed than before, like you could easily wander around the first section back from the main dance floor whereas at past events that’s got full as well.
Left after a few tunes from Kenzo as like @Johoosh security had apparently gotten bored and wanted to arbitrarily fuck with people so my mate’s GF got thrown out for being no worse for wear than the rest of us. Ah well.
Big up those guys for 5 years anyway, still remember the first session clear as day.


wtf is wrong with the security(edit; UK) over there djezus