System/ V.I.V.E.K


Crucial dub was another biggy, always nice hearing that one


Ah yeah forgot about the Warning Dub rmx - too hench

Was weird Viv played Roteks VIP in his set with Kenzo on later - kinda worked though

The shoutout to the Dome was nice from Viv at end of his set.

What was the last Dome session? That NYE with Kenzo & Krust?

@wilson yeah I remember 1st bday so clear - still my favourite night ever I’d say. There was a crazy atmosphere for that one & the one with Yunx.

Dunno it its just my head but that run of them up till the Carnival special with Kahn & Goth Trad seemed well busy

Sound was rugged tbh - I prefer it too subby. Rammed the improv plugs in too so wasn’t getting many tops anyways :smiley: was jokes seeing viv tell sachin off for touching the red in the warmup

When’s next one after this normally? Late April innit?

Fuck, all this indepth chat & reminiscing about the night makes me feel old and im not even… Makes you realise those dome sessions were pretty somefing though - miss the Dome crew who let me tag along persistently @ch3 @Johnlenham @TrendyGrime los particlos hobson @kay @Riddles & more


Hobson remember when u bought irn bru/wkds for everyone mid some gully dungeon roller. Culture clash for sure.


Viv said the next System night will be in May, but will be at Electric Brixton on the Sinai soundsystem


Does anyone know the last tune J Kenzo played?


February 17 at 11:33pm ·
SYSTM015 Soon come :wink:


My money is on a dancehall night, although the extra emphasis on ONE OFF could hint at techno :lol_og:


Pretty sure I heard him mention it at the very end on Saturday, might have misheard but I think he said it’d be at electric Brixton with Iration Steppas and Dbridge, he mentioned others but forgot who.

Big night Saturday, loved it, I like that he went for something a bit different, took guts.


So can we expect Mala to play a future System?


Pretty sure he mentioned Alix Perez as well


Dub & DnB night then?


Yeah nice one that was it


Idk I was mid security faff by then but Kenzo posted ‘was gd to end on some of my favourite tunes - Deep Blue - Helicopter Tune, Dillinja - Lionheart, Nut Nut & Pure Science - The Rumble’

Was it any of them?


none of them sound like the very last tune but helicopter tune was one of the ones I was after, big up

on about the one at 20:30 if anyone knows


sounds v v dillinja


The tune at 20:30 is actually Berty B & Dillinja - Lion Heart. At 20:30 in that video you can hear the second drop (which is quite different from the first few minutes of the tune).


Fuckin’ Roteks was so hench. Almost felt like the room expanded on that first bass hit.


Ahh shit right, I’ll check it again

@Wilson yeah fucking hell that tune was hench


Out to my fat head bobbing around the first half of the footy


Haha you can hear me gassing about the bushman special at 1:20 - first goodish footage of that tune I’ve seen for a while

Forgot dem a talk got played, straight to the bar riddim