System/ V.I.V.E.K


Karma plate is up for those interested.


Just bagged a copy


Oh fuck lol almost forgot this was up today

Edit -
£14 for the karma plate and a ticket to Fridays system :frowning: should’ve not bought it a few days ago and saved myself £20




Safe, thanks.


Got the may day deal

Combined with a flash sale to this: i now have two 140/170 b2b soundsystem related options on Friday

Idk what to hit now lol

Who’s going what


Oh shit that’s a big line up, didn’t see it was on. Reaching system though


Hm had no idea about system being on Friday… the electric is a shitshow though. Still, was meant to be going to London on Sat… hmmmmm


Come tru come tru

Might hit both tbh, System on till 6, see out Channel One until/if it gets bait then flop to Brixton

Idk - decisions. Cant they just stick Commodo on the billorama


haha yeah the line up for system isnt really doing much for me but comodo would have been a good sway.
Got to work out what im doing that weekend really…


Jeez thats a big lineup


Yea that looks killer. You spoiled fam.

When my son gets older im going to talk to work about tranfering me to london, no joke

Edit: actually Bristol is mighty tempting


London is a terrible place tho


Any word on the Karma plate coming to other stores?


selling a super cheap as chips ticket for friday if anyone fancies


I actually can’t decide what to do,

Thinking to allow System and just hit commodore.

Although the extended 4 pound flash sale vibes doesn’t bode well for tickets/attendance?


#getting old


Also if u caught me saying the phrase ‘Allow System’ on the old forum I’d stub my own toes in outrage


Yeah but no Dome and different stacks so you can be forgiven surely. I grabbed a couple of tix for Channel One and Commodo so most likely will be inside :onethumb: