System/ V.I.V.E.K


Reclight >>>>


Crowded is the one. Big tunes indeed


Oh thank fuck


You know this one’s gona crash the site…


Anyone reach? Vibe check


Sinai was heavy, viveks selection was mad. 6/10 night though



Woi. That’s more like it.


Thats a mad lineup


Has pokes never done system before?


Not iirc @CreamLord

All over that June one, boomshot fwd hands in the air etc

All the unquantized beatgrids


One I wanna go to would be over glasto.

Also got the new Karma bit. Record is lovely


I went. Sinai soundsystem was fucking hench.

I missed System Roots but caught most of Iration Steppas. Sounded decent but the dub/reggae side of things ain’t never really been my ting.

VIVEK’s set was mad, possibly the best set I’ve ever seen him play. He was on for 2 hours. I don’t remember him playing a great deal of new stuff (I might be wrong, I was pretty spangled), but he played a good amount of the System back catalogue, and some classics like Ruffhouse, even dropped Goblin quite unexpectedly but brilliantly.

D:Bridge absolutely killed it as well, started with 140 then into half-time D&B. Superbly constructed set, minimal but with loads of bass pressure. Anyone who knows D-Bridge and has seen him play over the years knows he’s a badboy DJ and imo quite underrated.

Alix Perez’s set was a bit meh imo. Wasn’t really feeling the full-on D&B, and his halftime D&B selection while decent enough wasn’t a patch on D:Bridge’s selection. He played a bit of 140 at the end though which were all bangers including Elephant Dub which sounded huge on that system.

All in all I had a really good night. Looking forward to that one in June though, looks heavy!


Haven’t been to system in awhile, might have to reach again. My Karma plate turned up yesterday.


Edit: wait fuck I might be at a wedding… arghh


So i thought Mala had a hand in the inception of System, no? Isn’t mentioned besides Viv being on DeepMedi

& yea that June lineup is big.


Interesting, few nuggets in there I didn’t know like:

Double booking at The Dome on the first one to mean they went upstairs

Bringing in extra scoops seemed to get The Dome fucked - (must’ve been the one with the mythical xtra stack @TrendyGrime ? Chefal & J5ive that one wasn’t it, I remember the sound going up & down at the dBridge and LAS one and some faff on the mic about the council near the end)

Mala should’ve been mentioned, idk if that’s UKFs part or politics or w/e. Weird as Viv did the big shout to him at end of the last Dingwalls one. There’s a few ppl who don’t get massively mentioned (System Roots/Sachin/any MCs) so I expect there’s been a hefty edit…

Exciting its going to Paris in October! I assume Bristol in September is for Tokyo Dub/World?

SYSTEM stage at Outlook would be levels, surprised that hasn’t happened but feel like the sweet spot for that has passed now. Mungo’s & the overpowering Voids do the job anyway over there.

Love trivia/speculation me


Nice Interview tho only a few new bits of "lore"
The one with 3 stacks I remember walking back to @ch3 s after it was done and they had it all on running it again and you could hear it a mile down the road. Wouldn’t be surprised if peoples flat windows were rattling nearby.

5 years though that’s mental, Def never feels more than a couple to me for some reason and pretty interesting to see him acknowledge the smaller clubs stuff especially as I’ve had conversations about it with him directly about​ that strangling the scene as it were.


Yeah 5 years in December for my first one.


Looks like £15 straight rather than tier prices