System/ V.I.V.E.K



Ah, back to how it used to be


I was never under the impression that Mala helped set System up. Rather I thought he agreed to be a part of it once they were ready to go. He was a way bigger draw than VIVEK at the time in turns of getting punters through the door so I thought he was involvement was through playing and promoting the night, but not building the system or anything like that.

I may be completely wrong and please correct me if so but that was the impression I had.


I remember it being announced as a joint thing


Regardless of what happened in the past, this stands as a statement of absolute truth.


Who remembers him ringing up mala, putting him on loudspeaker over the mic and playing the first tune off Mala in Newcastle down the phone.

Still coming to terms with it being 5 years ago.


New Karma plate turned up today. While both tunes are large, Jade Pit is on another level imo. So beautifully crafted. I definitely prefer this to his last Innamind release.



system 015 represses on redeye


And Unearthed:


Anyone else think Jade Pit is better than How You Feel? Copped an extra copy to rinse till there’s a whole in the record…


I wouldn’t say either is better than the other tbh, both are v/ good tracks


Odd, for me it’s the other way around lol. I think Terrorist is one of Karma’s best tunes. and vacant mind is banging as well.
Dunno, both samples don’t grab me. It’s nice but A reminds me of Heal too much and B falls flat a bit imho.
Other Karma releases were instant fire, will give this one another listen later but will probably skip it…


Jade Pitt is the winner of this 12". Works pretty well in the mix!


Kinda annoyed I missed it at redeye. Not like I don’t have 200+ other records I want to buy though.


Copped coz i really like both tunes but in Karma’s repertoire its his weakest release imo. And yea its very very much like How Ya Feel.

Now Crampton Beat is maybe my fav of his, it really moves me. Crampton Beat/Vacant mind plate woooiiio id cop like 3


Next friday boys, who’s reaching


alrighty then

Just came into the thread to ask the same thing

I’ll be there, although think I may have accidentally half agreed to be in work at 10am next day… gonna see if I can generate a swerve for that

Lineups too good to miss, Egoless & LAS are the ones for me. Although Karma pulled out the most enjoyable 140 set I’d seen for a long while the other year.

Reckon they’ll get the masking tape out and stick everyones backs together? Karma & Foam went b2b last time, could see that happening again, or everyone isn’t getting an hour from 12-5.



Gutted I can’t make this, best system lineup in a long time. LAS is the one.


Don’t think I can make this one unfortunately. Have a good night boyz