System/ V.I.V.E.K


100% there. Karma b2b foamplate is about as good as it gets these days for the og half step skunk direct to the bloodstream vibes of old, so that’ll be fun.
Taking bets on at what point in his set Quest drops Goblin :cornsidedown:


Day after my bros wedding b2b only weekend to get all our shit ready for the move + @ch3 is going back to euroland


Current crew then:


Karma plate in again:


downloadable 320 :gunfinger:




Mates have dropped out, gutted but no way missing that line up, got a spare ticket, anyone needs one hit me up, don’t need the dough, just a :beer: :+1:


Best Viv radio show for time


So how was it :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Pretty sick tbh, way too spangled though


What time was LAS on?

Whenever I’ve seen him hes been like one of the last sets of the night when I’m a bit fucked. Or too fucked to even last that long.

Compared to most dubstep LAS has some proper groovy stuff you can move to instead of just head nod/gun finger. He needs a nice 1-2 slot or something when the energy hits its peak… or maybe a bit earlier to get the energy going. Last set when nobody has any energy left is not the one.


Came on after system roots, started off with some dub and shit for a bit then straight into dubstep. Also fucking hell witch doctor is stupidly weighty. Quest played next then it was egoless on after I think, karma b2b foamplate then vivek finished off. Remember someone dropping hunted as well, straight murkage


Well then

Out to @CreamLord - arch bishop of spangladesh. Didn’t realise aha.

Was the most sober I’d been at a System perhaps ever, so can remember it all pretty lucidly. (Best believe)

LAS was on 11-12, early doors, good job I flopped down early to get him had no idea. Started with some decent roots (100 weight of collie weed) & then straight into the murky bits without much hesitation. Witch Dokta got a big reaction, he didn’t bring out any of the big slappers though (Tic, Pirates, Preaching) - ended with some questionableeee dub techno rmx of Police In Helicopter. Best set tbh tho overall, only one that felt like proper System vibes.

Quest - bashed up club obviously. Went for all the bandulu/oxossi/innamind/innaverse crossection - thought he played bare commodore but I asked him after and he said only played S For Snakes. Enough imitators on the brass whomp side chain hat roll vibe. Ended with some decent hype old school, anyone get the ID on the second Coki one? Couple tunes after Shattered, got the wheelums.

Egoless - very hench. All the greatest hits of him, Commodore, Kahn. Didn’t really rate how many acapellas were used (across all the sets tbh, horror show, ambush, rules of the dance, toppa top, high grade, don’t do anything for me tbh) - he played the forthcoming Tempa bit that sounds like the Battlefield 2 music & the orchestral emosh one I assume is forthcoming Medi in first 10 mins. So was more wompers from then. Finishing on the Night rmx was gd vibes.

Karma b2b Foamslice - opened with Kingfisher, altho they hadn’t sorted the changeover levels so the impact was kind of wasted. Idk if they had deck technicals or if its just impossible to mix that kind of Ketty 140 but swear it was sloww blenz. Pokes sounded fucking great over this set though, espesh over the weirder Foamy bits inc Smokey Joe. Ended with Smear Dub VIP which got everyone a bit more perky

Vivek - only played for 30-40 mins at the end, some venue politics came into effect. Best set though by far, amazing mix of interesting yet melodic weighty bits, nice slices of wonk in there but quicker blends. Wish id taken more videos (anyone got any whack em in) Chucked in Hunted out of nowhere which revitalised the dance. Didn’t really hear any System classics all night except for Smear Dub tbh.

Rig was ON POINT all night. Hard weight over the whole floor. Best its sounded for time.

Bonus points for MC Krome - ‘way in my brain’ … ‘oi I heard this foamplate guy was bad but now I heard him on a system truss meee’


Yoo did victim support get dropped at some point, swear I remember hearing it or some distance tune anyway


Any mention of another? Not been in tiiiime :confused:


Surprising tbh, hes always played this when I’ve seen him:


Carnival Special on August 27th w Kahn and more.


Rock Tha Bells tho


I actually thought it was too much sometimes lol. Seemed like the room shaking around was louder than the actual bass. Nice breeze off the subs though. Krome was annoying wheeling up every tune but standard for him to make it about himself. Ah well.


Yeaaah boi. That will do.
@Riddles / @ch3 and the usuals in?