System/ V.I.V.E.K


LAS - Crowded / Reclight (SYSTM016)
Forthcoming System:Sound
Available on 03/07/17 via


Haha , yeah I think the last time the crowd didn’t fuck me off was probably my last visit when EZ played, at which point I was hyped and didn’t really give a fuck about the nobs in the crowd.

16 releases? da duck how many have I slept on since the vivek mega pack


literally one - SYSTM015 - Karma - Static/Jade Pit, the only one released since 005…005 was released after 014…yeah it’s confusing


really, bloody hell. I swear theres only 5 haha


Viv himself has 4 lol

Looking fwd to the system roots release, guess that’s probably 010?


Yep with proceeds going to help the people of Gaza


Nice one, did he say who else is playing?

The Fabric lineup looks big btw, for anyone who hasn’t seen him Loxy is a great DJ, really good booking there on Viv’s part. I just wish the night wasn’t at Fabric lol


Same Loxy?
I waited ages for that tune never to be released ffs


Yep same Loxy.
He’s been doing his thing for almost 20 years now, doesn’t get the props he deserves really. Definitely one of the first key guys to push the more minimal halfstep side of D&B


We had him here 3 months ago, that was a gully set, really nice how he let the tunes ride out for a bit without it being boring


Loxy b2b dBridge the other night was so good. Heavy, dirty half time steppers and lots of weirdness.


That sounds amazing. D-Bridge is consistently excellent so I’m sure that must have been a sick b2b


Loxy jumped on at the end of that System at dingwalls w Foam/Karma didn’t he?


Yeah. I was fukin done tho so only saw maybe 20 mins.


Yeah it didn’t work too well if I’m honest

Loxy at Rupture Birthday this year was mad though. So rugged & cold


potentially game for a carnival system. been a while since i’ve listened to some dubstep in the dance


7pm (BST) tonight


it’s live - also this :eyes:


Big >>>>


bagged 7 for me and my friends (no discogs business)