System/ V.I.V.E.K


copped, reclight is sick


copped :slight_smile:


FFS, completely forgot about this, first system release I have missed out on.


Speaking of represses, is the egoless/quest plate included. Missed it the first time and it’s the only one I’m missing minus the second versa plate


Missed it shiet.

Do they go up anywhere else these days? Redeye? Unearthed?

Was keen for this one




Some do some don’t, haven’t seen any info on this one tho yet


Im so hyped for the adapters lol. Goodbye shitty plastic pop in things



on redeye now…

@Johoosh @TrendyGrime


£12 For 12" single is just mental, EVERY release when i first started buying was anything upto £5.99 Now it has doubled?
I think i’m done with this now


Thanks for this pet, bagged

And yeah the 12" prices are mad now. Chemical seems like a long long time ago

Only really been buying hardcore, jungle & roots vinyl recently


Brexit Britain for you.


Up on Intense for a tenner


Bagged it earlier, thank you very much!


Now we are in this era. What is the best System release?

IMO its between

smear dub/how ya feel


Can’t disagree with either, I’d be tempted to put square off/slippin up there too because I love those tunes.

Special shout out to lionize though, easily one of the biggest tunes about


The new LAS plate is right up there

On a different but slightly related note, has anyone ever been stiffed by Redeye when adding items to your basket? Went to buy the new LAS and decided to splash out on a few other records (payday), when i went to check out it wouldn’t let me pay for it, turns out it’d sold out whilst i was looking at other records. Is it just me that thinks that’s not cricket? The item was in my basket after all…

Managed to bag it from Intense in the end but still


Don’t wanna brag, but I paid like 6 quid or something for the new Las because I copped it with that ticket/record deal for the last system night :sunglasses:


Up on Unearthed