System/ V.I.V.E.K


I’d have them in that order as well. Top 2 releases is easy, picking after that is hard.

Maybe Gantz & LAS purely for Malfunktions.

Lionze & Mere Sher up there too.


For me it’s How Ya Feel / Smear Dub. Mostly for Smear Dub which I think is possibly the best wobbler ever made. It’s funny because I know Karma doesn’t really like the tune all that much.

System’s output has been consistently strong though so I’m heavily into most of their releases. Belly Of The Beast / Dub Liberation is maybe my second favourite, I think that one gets a bit overlooked


o shit, deja vu


yeah i’d have them up there too, also firepusher is a bit spesh for me…really liked the early version of malfunktions that i heard in a few mixes before it was released, but it was changed on the release and i much preferred the earlier one


Ah, I remember when I heard it in a mix and it was different on the release.

But for me fav systm release is Asteroids. Number two is Versa rsd special.


I’d almost forgotten about Asteroids, such a tune


Still dying to hear it played out


Ehhhhhhhh!?! It got wheeled out every system for like two years lol.

Still got the test pressing on the shelf somewhere


I only started going from the 4th birthday haha, over my head got dropped at the night they did in electric though at least


Ohh ok yeah that would make more sense.


First version of Malfunktions is so sick. Go in the biblical 12" with the first version of Propaganda lol.

Fire Pusher is a stand out tune from the cat for sure. Hearing that in the Dome was some weird deep straight to the uncomfortable part of your morals business.

The first Versa 10" plate is really nice actually. Road To Righteousness/Rainfall In Dub. Not the most groundbreaking & never really got battered at the nights but the production is great & the pressing ultra tite. Nice one for the early sets/home listening

Can’t argue with Smear Dub tbh - you you you

Lionize sent people mental for a good 2/3 dances in a row. Feel like it could’ve been sat on for a bit longer. Don’t like the jamakabi vocal of it that’s knocking around getting played instead now. Same with Pocosink rmx & the flowdan acapella. Allow it, tunes had gaps in em for a reason

And haha @CreamLord remember you being so chuffed with that new LAS plate after the dance. Got a photo somewhere


I forgot that I had it until I went to get my coat haha, dig it out if you can lol


I need to see that photo somehow haha


This latest LAS plate may be a contender for best release for me. I do love How Ya Feel though.


Havent even heard it haha, I dont seem to bother even listening medi or system or other big labels anymore somehow, just listening to tunes on soundcloud and downloading mixes while soundcloud still lives…


Stupid weight on it, flipside is nice too


When I spoke to Karma about it he said he was just trying to make a tune in the style of the old Coki beats like Red Eye and Tortured… he said out of all his tunes he was surprised that Viv wanted to sign that one


Realised that Backyard is basically Mood Dub - scales n synth wise.


Ruddy good tunes the both of em though.


Bristol dance, 50/50 atm cause it’s a bit long /expensive to reach


bloody sure it its the week loads of us are away, Blackswan is literaly down the road as well