System/ V.I.V.E.K



speaking of, anyone know what’s going on with the carnival one or is that no longer a thing


Was meant to be going to Amsterbang that day but might sack it off as havent bought flights or anything and I reckon this will be gully

Roll Callz?

Could be closest vibes to Dome yet?



pretty sure its no longer a thing :frowning_face:


Ahh fuck was looking forward to that, might see what else is happening that night then since I’ve booked the 28th off anyway


Swamp81 are having a party I’m fairly sure, maybe on the Saturday though.

I’ll be at channel one and twinkle brothers on the Friday :hooray:


Yeah thinking of maybe reaching that, I’ll see


fucksake really? viveeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk

What else is on? bun a Swamp night tho


Channel One Friday
Shaka in Tottenham Saturday
Metalheadz Carnival Special at Phonox on Sunday (lineup will be sick but vibes and sound=/=questionable, although the last Headz old school session there was surprisingly gd … until my mate got thrown out for taking a photo lol)
Also NTS x Boiler Room x Deviation big pardee somewhere in East on Sunday - v big crossover lineup tba - no 140 on dere tho & itll be JAMMO

So a few options eh


I can only take so many Jah days man cmon haha. I never make carnival after parties cos im of the strict opinion that if you still have energy to go to a club night after carnival youve done carnival wrong.
I saw akito and looms night is on the friday but the alibi :confused:


Haha oh man Alibi - I just scouted through cant find much.

Tbh id happily do C1 & Shaka then show face at the NTS thing and see whats what. Not that fussed about the daytime.

Hackney carnivals been a good vibe last few but i’m away for this one…


Feel exactly the same way, was really looking forward to it, also booked time off work. I haven’t actually heard from anywhere its not happening but considering it’s less than two weeks away and nothing’s been said about it still, it’s pretty safe to assume it’s been called off. Also the fact they announced that Bristol event recently suggests that thats gonna be the next one.



That’s great news, should have happened ages ago.


TFW u cant find ur copy of

Misty Winter
Pocosink RMX
Fuck Mountain
I Wait

Whats going on ffs


I had this happen recently, where i couldnt find a bunch of plates, realized I had never unpacked one of my vinyl bags after a gig and the plates were all still in that, felt v dumb after realizing.


Pars on your life




System Roots in at these three:


I lost my copy of Backyard/Tic and it really pisses me off