System/ V.I.V.E.K


wow, that was quick. i heard about his cancer last year and now he’s cured. proper job :gunfinger:




haha dude that path of jah is still one of the highlights of my collection you’re a legend for that.


Always exciting to see if their new releases will be worth paying £50 for the day after they come out



VIVEK - Namaste at 32:35. Wobbler confirmed!
EDIT 2: TRUSIK also confirm it!


Redeye using a YouTube rip for know your enemy? Or isit a Vivek Vs Krome track :joy:


lol that’s dodgy af.

Redeye doesn’t make the clips tho. The label sends the audio clips in and redeye just uses whatever files you send them.


lol how ‘vinyl only’ can vivek get


Its important to wax your tunes