System/ V.I.V.E.K


got back from a night out Saturday morning about 6am, saw the post it note to remind me to buy, said “F**k it, it’s gonna be sold out by now” and didn’t bother checking
assumption fail… gutted. is it normally 3 months for the press in other shops?


lol that went quick, here you go:


Ahh fuck lol, hoping that stays in until Friday


I’ll send your £12 over paypal long as you send it back in the future.


you serious?


Yes, PM me.


sold out already? f**k man,



copped on RwdFwd.


finally copped one on horizons…thanks for the heads up
long gone are the days of a 7 quid press!


Cheers from Düsseldorf btw!


salute Dizzledope crew!




if it carries on at this rate, soon release dates will be given down to the microsecond.
remember when it was like “it should be out in december” then it drops in march or something. now we’re getting the hour, day, month and year.

surely just press more records man what the fuck.


This. I don’t check for 1 day and missed out on 94…


Yeah I also find it a bit weird. I mean all these records that came out since Sepia/Samba have been sitting in Viveks shelf iirc. Some of them have been sold upfront at events and now you have to check every day if you don’t wanna miss out.

As if he thought yesterday: “Oh what a boring week… Maybe I should drop that new release I have here.”

Just triggers more and more hype.


In my opinion they should not give the dates at all. Just put them for sale and if youre lucky enough you get the vinyl. All the hype started because of facebook and those "society & culture websites"who promote best artists only.


still there…


I forgot until about an hour ago so copped it and now it’s sold out. Close call again.


Available to pre order here for Friday shipping!