System/ V.I.V.E.K


3 more copies in


Who is going to Pickle Factory tonight? See you boyz there(?)


Might’ve if not for Channel One, mandatory. Enjoy!


Few copies in at Unearthed


yo. can’t wait for vivek @waking life festival. looks like i’m playing right after him, which makes things pretty tough… need to pack wisely to not bore the crowd with ‘another’ 140 halfstep set.


Anyone reach pickle factory last night?


Yeah I went.

Was a really good session. Got there about 8:30 and there was less than 20 people there at that point, but soon filled up. Viv was playing dub / steppas type stuff at first, with Dego Ranking on vox. Around 9pm the transition to dubstep began, and SP:MC came on, though Dego still got on the mic now and then. LX One was also there and MC’d a bit. Was dubstep until the end of the night from that point onwards.

Think they were using the in-house system there, not especially loud / weighty, but sounded nice to me, clear and crisp and the sub bass still came through. Wasn’t nearly as loud as your usual System night, but I wasn’t expecting it to be, so I wasn’t disappointed.

Viv played a mix of old and new, threw in some DMZ classics and early Skream, plus some newer bits he’s been playing lately. Ended with ‘Where Were You’.

He was playing off of USB pretty much all night… maybe the turntables there weren’t up to scratch? Or maybe because it was such a long set, he didn’t want to cart a truckload of vinyl down there with him? Not sure tbh. Doesn’t matter to me, just found it surprising as he’s known for his vinyl and acetates.

Spoke to him a bit at the end, nice guy, especially as I was pretty drunk lol. He said System won’t happen again at Dingwalls… new management there and they aren’t on board with what System do.

Pickle Factory definitely a cool venue and it was a novelty going to this kind of thing on a Sunday night… was like £5.50 for a 330ml can of Estrella though lmao, at least they were nice and cold


Fair play, would’ve reached but I’m pretty much broke and would’ve been stranded in London for the night


160 halftime jungle set.


i lean more to 120/130 than 160/170. would work well tho


I wonder what the next System will be… maybe Vivek / Goth-Trad split 12" for the night they are doing at Pickle Factory? :thinking:


mala single side etched 11"


Viv posted an Insta story with a tp of this one not too long ago. Nice tune!


20 mins of 130 20 mins of 140 20 mins of 150/160/170


Nice. Maybe this will be VIVEK001?



I’ve been doing some digging around. I’m sorta shocked how this went over everyone’s heads. The lad who illustrated the System Roots 12" sleeve artwork, is a furry. There’s some art on his site:

(not gonna bother to link any further pics cause it’s slightly NSFW)
Yeah he likes to draw furry chavs. Also according to comments “there are some humanized versions of his OCs in the crowd” of the System Roots 12". This is the most strangest music crossover in forever, I couldn’t believe it at first lol, especially coming from one of dubstep’s biggest truhead labels that’s still active. Some pretty fun trivia.


lol, it took you this long to realize DSF is a furry sanctuary


Whats furry?

I must have missed the memo a long time ago :badteeth: