Teachings in Dub + Deep Medi: Weekender- 25/26 NOV- Bristol Trinity. Neuron VOID


Teachings in Dub x DEEP MEDi - The Weekender Part 2
25th November 2016 @ Trinity Centre with Neuron Pro Audio

tickets available @ https://billetto.co.uk/en/events/deep-medi-teachings-in-dub-the-weekender-156015

facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1088901217866529



All right so I did something totally unreasonable this morning - got a ticket, booked my flights, so I’m coming, all the way from Barcelona :corndance::corndance::corndance:

If any ninjas have recommendations in terms of good districts where to book an AirBnB, things to checkout during the day, even a meetup… Hmu!

Also, if anybody can sort me some :mrweed: that would be greatly appreciated! (pm of course)

See you in the dance!


Try and get an Air BnB in St Pauls/Stokes Croft/Montpellier potentially as close to record stores and not too far from the Trinity Centre. Go to Idle Hands and Prime Cuts record stores, just have a look around maybe go to the Arnolfini gallery and M-Shed as well.


This is code for stay with Sgt. Pokes


@lazyalf holla


Goth-Trad added to the Friday line-up :corndance:

We’re getting spoiled!!!


should be a sick one, love Trinity! i’m hitting the Saturday to mix it up a bit…


skip the galleries imo

walk thru clifton to the suspension bridge it’s a peng walk and the view from the bridge is top a top


Passed through on Saturday, absolutely nice vibes! All sets 10/10, did not stop skanking. Incubus sounded beefy.

Iration might have edged it for me on the night, it was going right off at the end of Mark’s set, the whole room was going bananas.
Mala and Pokes brought some proper obscure tunes, not heard some of them old Mystikz dubs in a decade easy…proper shackout, set went so fast, seem to be over in what felt like 25 mins…

Left the dance feeling warm and fuzzy after Dubkasm vs Gorgon Sound. Roll on the Weekender 2017!


Right, so… I still have to fully recover from that weekend, it was an absolute madness!

Friday night was great, MP’s set went from his own bass heavy stuff, slower than 140 (Lion, Dirtbox etc.) to 160 (Out In The Streets VIP, also a cheeky little jungle edit of Mala - Changes, really enjoyed that). It did lack a bit of flow but selection was on point. He finished his set with this percy, so glad to have had the opportunity to hear that on a rig:

Spent the whole of Mala vs Compa’s set outside in the smoking area getting proper waved, then back in for Goth-Trad vs Kahn - best set of the night. The two of them worked a charm, first 20 mins or so were 100% unknown tunes/probably fresh dubplates, some great deep/dark joints, then went full on pumped up with classic bangers. Lots of Goth-Trad’s dubplates were well skippy but he always managed to get back on his feet so fortunately it didn’t kill the vibe. Commodo closed up the night, murkin’it as always. Hearing Lightz on a rig is always a pleasure!

Surprisingly enough since I’m not such a huge dub fan, Saturday was the best night of the weekend.
Mala’s old school set was a 10/10 - soooo many classics and killer dubplates - Save Me, Horror Show, old Coki stuff - GOTHAM FFS!!! :cannon::cannon::cannon:
Very pleasantly surprised by his mixing as well, absolutely fautless.
And Pokes is hands down the best dubstep MC.
Vibes were unreal during this set, really. And Void soundsystem was weighty yet perfectly clear - it was actually better on Saturday.
Like T_! said, it went too fast, even though Mala played way longer than announced. It was supposed to be an hour but he almost played two, which was amazing!

Iration was so so good - I had seen Mark a couple of times already but never had enjoyed it that much. That time though was brilliant. Proper party tunes, everybody was skanking so hard!!!

All in all Trinity is a great venue. Sound was hench, there was plenty of space, no security fuckery, good vibes all around.

Bristolians can be proud of their city and scene - met lots of well friendly people, record shops are on point (stumbled upon Mark Pritchard on Saturday afternoon digging in the hardcore/jungle bins at Prime Cuts, such a nice guy), didn’t have enough time to properly check out the city apart from the Stokes Croft area since I woke up pretty late on Saturday and had to head back directly to the airport after Saturday night, but I’ll definitely come back if I have the opportunity.

Last but not least, big shout to @Oscar_Mild aka Truant for making me feel at home - it was a pleasure meeting you and your friends!

Now I just need to sleep and I get my legs back :badteeth:


Glad you had a good time man! Yeah Saturday was absolute ENERGY! still fizzing off it today