Tech heads help me out. 2.2ghz quad core, 16gb ram Vs 2.6ghz quad core, 8gb ram

My current laptop is approaching it’s final days so I’m looking to upgrade. I’ve spotted a mid 2014 macbook pro retina which has a 2.2ghz quad core i7 and 16gb ram. However, my current machine’s processor is better, it’s a 2.6 quadcore i7. I do however have less RAM atm at 8gb whereas this new machine is 16gb.

Would I see a performance increase in DAWs with this new machine? It’s twice the RAM but slightly less CPU power than what I currently own.

Any advice appreciated, cheers mi dears.

2.2ghz to 2.6 is pretty negligible for CPU, I don’t think you would see much of a difference in your DAW. It depends on what DAW you are using and if you are running 64 bit.

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If it were me I’d go with double the RAM rather than .4 GHz difference.

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Yeah my instinct is telling me double RAM would be much better. I’m in touch with someone atm, hopefully I’ll be able to do a real benchmark test on the same model of laptop as what I would be buying, will bring up some definte performance figures in comparrison to what I;m currently running on.

It hasn’t been brought up yet, but one of the most important parts for music production is the hard drive speed itself; a solid state hard drive is going to do wonders for your sample and patch loading. If you’re relying on a lot of different samples then I would suggest that this is the thing to focus on.