Tetrah - 385 (Deep Dubstep)


Tetrah - 385

Here is a track that I made and its available for free download. Let me know what you think of it.


cool tune


Really digging everything except the snare, it sounds a bit off to me, but that’s just me tbh


Thanks @syrup, big up. Im glad you like it.


Respect @epnu, thanks for commenting. I like to keep my groove quite loose on the snare so its just how we like em I guess :slight_smile: Big up!


No, didnt mean the timing, the sample :slight_smile:


Where the link go?


Yeah where did the link go? :slight_smile:


This is good man, I like the idea of deep dubstep.


The snare is too punchy and tight, too “snippy” y’know?
I think it needs more hollowness to it, more mids and a bigger presence.
Even if it sits back in the mix, it just needs to be more wide(?), more mids. Less high pitched.

Does that even make sense?
Dope track otherwise.



Here is the track.


I get what you mean but I kind of like as it is… I think you mean make it sound ‘bigger’ though, right?
Like Flags by Goth Trad?

I think it’s still a sick track though


Original is gone so can’t listen to compare, but iirc I thought the snare needed to boom more, it was all upper freqs and needed more mids.




this is hard man


Hi PlanetBefore, I have added the link in the post. I have forgotten how I made the player show up before so its a hyperlink to Soundcloud. Big up.


Hi TheBro, I have added a hyperlink to the track. Not sure how to get the player to show in the post so it links to Soundcloud. Respect.


Thanks mate, I appreciate the comment.