THC mixing two iconic tunes

true head challenge requiring

  1. mixing of two ds tunes from vinyl
  2. being bothered

there’s probably only 6 peebs on here max who could fulfill these criteria but meh


Phaelah’s "Should be True"

Sub Focus’'s "Last Jungle"

only 47 secs each side of mix required
no prizes just admiration & kudos.
thank you gents.

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We have to mix these two tunes yeah?

I don’t own either of them. :pensive:

so literally just mixing two tunes?

should do a phil collins dub >> jah power dub challenge

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That sub focus tune doesn’t even seem to have a vinyl release; didn’t look very hard though

ah shit you could be right
I assumed I was hearing vinyl
ah well vinyl + DL

@Creamlard yeah I thought just mixing two great tunes would be a true test of greatness
like when I’m listening to a mix & there’s a particular transition sounds brilliant
not just because of the tunes but because of the way it’s done.
In this case I’d like to compare with how I’ve heard Paul Fraser do it.

in bizarro world the other night
I had a dream in which I was visited by two nerdy ninjas.
As I lay pyjama’d in bed one sang the Phaelah lyric, with a reedy voice,
and the other played Skream on a kazoo
but it wasn’t til they finished that a th producer stepped into the room
and I realized he’d been doing the beats & sample.

anyway, plz, if possible, I’d like to hear yr efforts on these two
then somebody else can do a request maybe.