The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


This is an old picture I had to rip off my Instagram account. One of the many sketchy set-ups we used for the Bassclash Records Show.

My production set-up at home is currently:
Focusrite Saffire 24
Yamaha HS-80M’s
Samsung 42" TV
Korg NanoKontrol 2 Keyboard, Drumpad, and Mixer
Pioneer DJM-600 (Used to record stuff in from Decks/CD’s/Laptop)
Some old Dell laptop (can’t remember the spec but its terrible)

As I’m travelling at the moment I’'m just using the Korg NanoKontrol bits with a Toshiba Satellite laptop and some basic USB travel speakers.

Also we sometimes dropped in an old knackered Ministry of Sound Turntable and some ancient Akai sampler for Jingles etc.


Here’s my current set up!


Is that Guns & Roses on the Union Flag?


Yeah. doesnst make sense to me cuz only Slash is from the UK lol


what doesnt make sense is that slash is sort of a bit black and in that shit band lol

big up lol


Nice slipmatts.


Miss being able to slide the sleeves under the turntables… got 2 cdjs so had to turn the decks the other way.

CDJs are basically a place for my sleeves now.


My great new setup. Everything on a tiny table in a tiny room great job myself


not quite a photo, but some muck about from earlier tonight


Who owns CDJ’s and what models are you using?


@Phigure owns a single cdj iirc


i have 2 CDJ400s and 2 CDJ100s, y?


also @cyclopian has a pair of CDJ1000 iirc


Looking to finance one 2000nexus at a time.


here a vid of my set-up




2k’s are a waste of money imo


Fl Studio 12
BeyerDynamic DT880 Headphones
47" LG TV for main screen and 32" LG (my older TV which i had before i got a job) for secondary screen
Novation LaunchKey 61
Some random CREATIVE speakers + small 3" subwoofer under the table for casual out loud sounds (i mostly produce headphones on though)


Yeah why not get xdj’s? Much cheaper.


or CDJ 900