The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


Yeah if you want to play cd’s. I don’t really see an advantage of cd’s over
usb. Mind that the xdj-700 is like 500 quid. But it does have less dedicated buttons.
These are largely replaced by the touchscreen.



What speakers are those?


Pair of 1000s. 2000s seemed why more expensive for stuff I really don’t need (USB, sync ect.)

Mine are just for playing stuff I can’t buy on vinyl… I’ll use it for serato too if my mate comes round for a mix.


Just some home hifi detritus :slight_smile:


Is this actually classic wabbalz?


they look exactly like some old wharfedales i had back back in the day.

nice setup. i couldn’t switch to hardware permanently but it’s fun to dick around with.


To the left of all that hardware garbage is my computer where I defo spend time editing, cleaning up, adding to what I do in live takes with the hardware. I prefer working with audio and jamming out ideas.

Like I will just setup my DAW to record and usually do 2-3 sessions of 3-4 takes each and I pick one of those takes to work with as the basis for a song. Usually I don’t even go back to the hardware if I want to add something, I just use softies for everything.

I also have no desire to mix my tunes OTB.

I think the speakers are some late 70s Realistics or something my dad lifted from the stereo shop he worked in back in the dark ages. His boss thought VHS was a fad and Laser Disc was where it was at…


fair play, that’s pretty much the opposite of what i’d like to be doing in the future. i’d love a nice 16ish channel mixer and some expensive outboard for mixing/dubbing. make or acquire stems then record a ton of live dubs. something about that king tubby/mad professor workflow seems so right to me. i don’t mind looking at a screen when i’m writing music or making weird sounds - i’m inspired and focused when that’s happening anyway, so i don’t know if i’d get better results from hardware - but when it comes to mixing/dubbing/editing i hate looking at screens personally!


Totally valid method. I gave that a shot for a long time being a huge Dub fan how could I not? I found it wasnt quite for me. I do a lot of hands on modulation and live muting w my hardware which equates to the same thing, kinda, in the end. Getting the mixer out of my setup as been a huge releif though I dearly miss having aux sends for FX. That is just about the only downside for me.
S the main thing is for me if I am not doing something “live” I dont seem to be able to create emotion and energy in my tracks. Somedays I wish I could just do it all in the box…but it ends up to static tk my ear.


new flat, bit poky…


Ah man an electric drum kit, want so bad.

Imma try post my setup, last time it wouldn’t let me upload it


Just normal otaku’s room.



Fuck image hosting but that’s the best i could find


Nice set up.


What kind of mixer is that?



Formular Sound FF4000.
Designed for Funktion 1 :gunfinger:


Ahhh, nice one.