The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


Me and the wife are finally homeowners (again). I setup my corner of the master bedroom as studio space.

Access Virus TI Polar
Waldorf Pulse 2
Roland JP-8000
Focusrite Scarlett 8i6
Yamaha HS-7
a pair of Technics 1210MK2’s
Gemini CS-02 Mixer


Then I got a Moog Sub Phatty so I had to put the JP-8000 in the spare bedroom with my Technics/etc cuz I ran out of space. I’m going to make a shelf under where the Sub Phatty is and eventually put the JP-8000 there.


cdj400’s are so sexy


You need a multi tiered keyboard stand.


+1, you could make much better use of that space with like an a-frame stand or something


Yeah a multi-tiered stand might be the way to go. If I setup a keyboard stand (for the Moog+JP) next to the L-shaped desk then I could fit my turntables+mixer on the L-desk where the Sub Phatty currently is. It’s def be nice to have the tables in that area too so I could record from its mixer to my DAW again like I used to be able to do.


That sounds like the way to go.


maybe a rug that triggers psychosis is key


Sauce (or Source) :kissing_heart:


Here is my set-up from around 2005



zef shit


Here is my 2 by1 meter studio, so tiny :corncry:
Also less than ideal speaker placement but I’m happy I managed to cram it all in there


so jealous that everyone has technics :weary:


Beg, borrow, steal, blag, hustle, etc :badteeth:


pointless buying decks which aren’t technics tbh


eh. :neutral_face: for somewhone who was completely new to djing,I think it was good that i didn’t drop $500-600 on something I wasn’t even sure I liked. I’ll invest when I have a job and money.


true, but in that case it’s a choice between dropping $300 on some shit decks and selling them for $100 later, or dropping $500-600 on some technics and selling them for $500-600 later


Yeah I agree I don’t see the point in buying anything other than Technics. Just get a mixer to plug into your laptop if you wanna see if you enjoy it or not… if you’ve already decided you wanna invest in vinyl you may as well invest in a pair of turntables you won’t need to replace for 20 years.

Buy shit buy twice, that’s what my ol’ nan used to say.


Good point. I was impatient and really didn’t want to wait to save up.


I started off on a Technics SL-D2, another Technics belt-driven turntable and a Radio Shack mixer.

Go for it!