The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


yeah to be fair, before i got 1210s i went through:
1x set of shit citronic belt drives
1x set of vestax pdt-5000
1x set of vestax pdx-2000
1x set of vestax pdt-5000 (again)
1x pdx-2000 and 1x other vestax deck, the weird battle-style one
and about 20 mixers.
now settled on 1210s + old xone:32, which is what i wanted when i fkn started djing to begin with :pensive:

just saying, if i could do it again, i’d have sucked it up, saved pennies and gone straight for 1210s. i started djing with the intention of playing out and practiced mixing a lot before my first proper gigs, but being accustomed to vestax pdx-2000s (which are fucking great decks) did not help when adjusting to 1210s on the fly in front of a crowd.
it’s like the opposite of going from belt drives to directs - you’re only just getting used to the torque and pitch at the end of your 60 min set. it’s not a good look.
after enough gigs you will adjust to 1210s regardless of what you have at home, but if you’re not lucky enough to get a residency based on your selection (like i did, jah bless) rather than your mastery of the equipment then you’re gonna embarrass yourself in front of people quite a lot.

plus they’re built like a brick shithouse and hold their resale value.


I’ve kinda already learned my lesson with shit equipment. Just a few months ago threw out a cheap mixer and bought an ecler nuo 2.0. Sounds great and feels even better. Well worth spending $400.


My first turntable if you wanted to change from 33 to 45 you had to take the platter off and move the belt by hand.


repurposed iphone charger


apples …and apples


aren’t those things pretty expensive? :smiley:


If I could only learn how to open ableton I’d be in business


finally treated myself to a keyboard and an interface :corndance:

sorry for the shitty pic


1st step of some treatment in the room, bass traps incoming next


Sick photo


How do you like the Subpac?



i think your music fits perfectly with like hieroglyphs and pyramids and stuff

so it might work on multiple levels


It’s nice, and I use it from time to time. But after having it permanently mounted in my chair for a couple of months, I had to start using it only when I felt the need to, mainly because it was very uncomfortable to use over longer periods of time.


Word, I was wondering if it would be worth a purchase for mixdowns. I’ve heard somewhat good things about it.


Imo it can help in removing a lot of the guesswork when it comes to working with deep sub frequencies. That being said I also think it’s almost more important to focus on the things you can make out with your ears, as that is going to be 99,99% of your listeners point of reference anyways.


It’s 2016, there are better turntables than Technics out there now. Of course they set the standard and were the only TTs worth having for 2+ decades, which is why they are quite rightly legendary, but times change.

I sold my 1210s and got a pair of Reloop RP7000s. Haven’t looked back since, well worth the upgrade.

I have a friend in his early 40s who has been playing on Technics for 20+ years. He was in awe when he tried out the Reloops.


It’s nice they are bringing back the 1200’s but I have to agree. I have a Stanton Str8-150 and personally I like having the extra torque as well as other new features (Reverse, 50% pitch).


I have super OEMs as well and whilst i like the 10 percent pitch instead of 8 and detachable cables and the extra torque is nice, i’d probably still go with technics.
The tonearm feels a lot nicer imo for start…


grisps and knife in the shot too for added dsf cred, and two of my most used ‘secret’ weapons, the tascam portastudio 424 and the marshall valvestate 100v amp head for “processing” hehe