The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


I went through a big LED/fairy lights phase when I moved out of my parents lol


My flats full of em haha


imagine having this



really nice but wouldnt it be better with the speakers facing you while you dj


I like giving away sold out one offs to friends for bday/xmas, for now ill enjoy the art, zamzam art looks good with more than one, they usually fit together

As far as 2 ZamZam Dubkasm, someday ill be happy i have a clean copy


that mixer any good???


I like it quite a bit. I’m no reference on DJ’ING but it sounds good to me and feels like quality from the knobs/faders to the build as a whole. A few people on here use it if I recall.


Finally moved in to my new place so can take pics of my setup…the rig I’m building so far…still gotta varnish/sand/finish it but currently putting some scoops together so the finishing has been put on hold haha. Neighbours don’t give a shit and live by a club so can crank it til the early hours :slight_smile: makes a great home sound system haha!


Bet your neighbor’s super stoked about those subs and dubstep in general.


nice flag :grinning:




Ikea hack masterrace.
Have been living here for what… 9 months now? Due to my room size I’ve been forced to optimize the space I have available. The white ikea table I got for free, legs are adjustable, so that’s nice. The black shelf I bought off a guy for like £2, and the legs for the shelf cost me around £4.


looks chill


It’s allright. A bit cramped in my opinion doe, can’t wait to move to a bigger space some time in the future.


What kind of desk is that? I need a new computer/production desk.


Ikea Galant! The shelf is an ikea lack.
Got a lot of inspiration over at ikea hackers:



Nice, please promise you’ll upgrade from that mixer one day though lol, it was the first mixer I had but it’s straight garbage lol


Update. Fixed the shit speaker placement.
FL Studio 12
Behringer UFO 202 (lol)


Nice set up.

You need to get yourself some MIDI controllers.

Do you play the bass by any chance? Maybe your dad did?