The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


holy shit lol that’s mad


lol wtf





He blatently chats al this shit for money so he can buy all his gear.
Generally blowing my mind right now :corntard:


Aw man was just coming thru to post that up. LOL.


Do you like that S900? It’s 12 bit converters are probably crunchy.


single handedly upped my drum game soooo much. never want to do 909s without it again. amazing for breaks too even if chopping them is a fucking nightmare. also the pitching artifacts are really nice on pads and stuff

as much as I love it, at the same time using it as my main sampler has condemned me to 80s/90s dance music fetishism forever. which is why I bought a midiverb 2 today lol


mans got CDJs wtf u ballin


Cheaper than cutting dubs :joy:


Alex Jones is Nowaysj


he would have acid and a house unrefutably


I can’t remember last time I posted a pic in here, but this is the current poop techno set up


Poop techno lol

That’ll be 'UUUUUGE in Germany.


There’s that dude buttechno


Love the Tacam! How are you liking the Volca Beats? From what I remember the kick was really weak and overall I felt that the sounds weren’t really usable for anything else than “synth demo” music.


yeah its a bit weak but it sounds ok-ish when mixed right which is tough to do on the unit itself. Wouldnt really recommend buying it tbh


got this neato wide angle iPhone lens


I’m just rocking a small laptop with cheap consumer headphones. :badteeth:


Been getting back into guitar over the last year and have been building up a pedal board of pedals i always wanted to get as a yout but could never afford.
Pretty geeky but it is a nice little project trying to make it all tidy, also they sound amazing


Uuugh S900 :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️