The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


Ive stopped using external effects and got rid of my controllers, making much more fun tunes not getting distraced trying write fancy melodies on a keyboard. Its genuinely liberating


Fan of the lite beer I see.


I know its ages later and I’ve basically liquidated my studio, but that was a Trigger Finger Pro. Actually a really, really ace MIDI sequencer for a hardware setup if you need one!


Say wut?


Long story short: it was pay my mortgage or hope a cardboard box had enough power to run my gear…

Kept the Analog 4 and have been deep into it…and recently ordered a DrumBrute…KISS is my new motto…


lmao nice room


Jimmy Jamz lives on that couch


fight me irl


fr why does it look like that


topmo and rayman fight irl i would watch

please film


lol idk

it’s a basement

aka bassment


there’s def bare man chained to a radiator on the other side of the room


is a record the same size as a pizza or is it the other way around ?

vinyl that looks like a pizza inside a cover looking like a pizza box >>>>>>>>>>>



lil update to my house setup…switched things up for a nye party and stuck the stack in the kitchen so it could face the living room…had the decks on the kitchen bench. don’t know how to set it up now tho cus i don’t want to have to hide behind the rig when i’m mixing!

and @swerver I got some of those kallax wheels for crimbo so no more decks on lids haha!


Wow lol




badman lol


got this today with a bag full of tape and reels




laptop on lid instead! :lebebe:

jk, looking sick man