The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


Anything encased in a tower like structure has to stand.
It’s built with that structure in mind and should not be put on its side. The internal bits are probably not attached in a way that can hold if its put on the side.


some near field monitors are designed so that they can be used in either orientation, my old genelecs were like this - it even stated that in the manual…just rtfm i guess


yeah but that is something you pay for

so youd know in that case imo

its similar to a cabinet pc innit?


also some midi controllers


That likle section bottom right outa site is worth like 700$ at least, bury dabwoy root mud etc etc

Edit: poor mans system in waiting


Forsa work lamp nickel plated imo


Your guys’ setups are amazing looking. Anybody have any tips for beginners?


AJH good initials :+1:


Lol well thanks!




Remember that everything has wires when you first buy furniture lol. Seriously, have had to drill more times than I care to admit…



i’m not a dj but this is where the magic happens. and by magic i mean sit, do nothing and play tunes.
yeah i got the friends dvd box set, don’t judge,10 points if you spot it

and thats not my coke, that shit is disgusting.
yes i live in a crack house


Nice space!


haha thanks, big up ikea :cornlol:

and thank you hema for the coke peen


just curious, did you move all that vinyl and stuff from US?


nah, i mostly just moved my cd’s from the US. the vinyl and other things i got here. ive been living abroad for like 10 years…moved here when i was 19 so.


Was gonna say u put them oranges there on purpose lmao


haha , nice little touch


ah, for some reason i thought you moved a few years ago


we r stuck in DSF time