The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


ultimate budget boys set up, nothing list price besides the blofeld and minilogue. rest was broken gear i fixed or craigslist/ebay steals (mixer for 125 lol). also ive sworn off gear purchases for at least 6 months lol


budget boys :gunfinger:


i upped my feng shui so hard too tbh


No Batik wall hangings breh? :cornlol:


I’m going hot topic glow in the dark mushroom posters


Mixer model? Only seen mackie 8-channels around 125


soundtracs solo live, the dillinja desk :cannon:


was initally more but i convinced the ebay seller to send me back loads of $ when it arrived packed in two boxes duct taped together with like 4 little squares of bubble wrap thrown in, had to resolder a few pots but everything works for the most part. psu needs a few recaps too, its got a -48 db hum with the master fader at 0 so i keep the master at -20 and then crank the pres on every channel like crazy lol


haha, love that vid! used is always a gamble tbf

only starting to look, wondering if a mixer could work as a way to collab with people. @cyclopian was talking about sending in a stream through one channel, then the receiver (lol) kinda works some sounds around that into another channel


cool name


if you get latency down i think that could honestly work, esp if you have one guy doing the programming/playing and the other guy dubbing/mixing it out


on the real tho, lets collab and put out a budget boys record


i like the way u think, hit me on fb some time and lets think logistics


I’ve got a few big projects going at the mo taking up all my creative energy but as soon as those are done will hit ya up :slight_smile:


I built my studio using my hypothesis of Technological Detritus.





is that CDJ stand bought/diy?


bought it off a mate for like 40 quid


nice subtle fm stickers hehe


all day everyday… that been said its more like every other Friday from 6-8